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WBCC's 1000 Newsmail Medal

WBCC 1000th Newsmail Medal.  Image from Frans Woons
Produced in 2015 by the Penny Press Mint, Spanish Fork, Utah, USA
Mintage 100
Diameter 30.5mm
Weight 7.6 g

WBCC's 15th Anniversary Medal

WBCC 15th Anniversary Medal.  Image from Jack Hepler
Produced in 2011 by the Penny Press Mint, Spanish Fork, Utah, USA
Mintage 200
Diameter 30.5mm
Weight 8.2 g

Commemorating the WBCC's 10th Anniversary,

The "Official" and the "Souvenir" encased coins produced for the 10th Anniversary.
There were 102 pieces of the Austrian 1 Euro Official version,
105 pieces of the Dutch 5 cent Souvenir and
50 of the US 5 cent Souvenir encased.
The 5 cent coins were encased in brass and aluminium rings.  
Members could also have their WBCC number engraved in the obverse ring.

The Austrian 1 Euro was chosen for the Official encased coin.

The Netherlands 5cent and US 5 cent were chosen for the souvenir encased coin.

The reverse of the souvenir coin

The WBCC's Encasement Projects.

Over the years the WBCC has been encasing selected World Coins.
The Initial encasements in the new ring, were the 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins in 2002. These can be seen at.
Then we encased the bi-metallic coins of Thailands which can be seen at
The next coins to be encesed were the USA State Quarters series at   
Finally we embarked on a project to encase 1 coin from every country in the world that produces coins.  So far selected coins from about 40 countries have been encased.  They can be seen at

WBCC 5 Years Phone Card.   Massimiliano Aiello, Italy WBCC member #73, has developed a phone card (see below) commemorating the WBCC 5th Anniversary, WBCC attendance at World Money Fair 2002 in Basel and the coming of EURO. This phone card can be ordered directly from "Max" by email at the cost of US $10 (Shipping and Handling included). Place your email order here.

Select HERE to View a Larger Image WBCC Bi-Metallic Engraving Project.
With a new year, a new WBCC Bi-metallic project, coordinated by Martin Peeters. Martin has acquired Bi-metallic coin blanks (copper ring/nickel center, currently used by the Dutch Mint), and can have each engraved as shown in the image. The engraving will be the WBCC member's name and member number, or the member's initials and member number. The cost for 1 blank is about US1$, engraving each letter is US50¢ each. The cost for the example shown would be about US1$ + (25 x US50¢) = US13.50$. The cost for two initials and the member number would be US8$. Postage costs is additional. Email all orders and/or enquires to Martin Peeters, Netherlands, Focal Point of the WBCC.

The World's First Encased Bi-metallic Coin.. The WBCC has developed the very first encased Bi-metallic coin. Like the others of 2001 (shown below), it commemorates official WBCC representation at the World Money Fair, in Basel, Switzerland, and the American Numismatic Association, Coin Fair in Atlanta Georgia, USA. The Encased coin selected for this project is the 100 Sucres of Ecuador making this the first known encased coin of Ecuador and the world's very FIRST encased Bi-metallic.

The production run was for only 100 specimens of the coin.

Commemorating the WBCC's 5th Anniversary, "The World of Bi-Metallics" token designed by Frans Dubois, is now available for a short time only. On September 14th of this year, the WBCC celebrates it's fifth anniversary with this limited edition token (only 100 pieces). The token's obverse design announces the club's anniversary while it's reverse design matches club's first two tokens. To place your order, contact Frans Dubois by email. The cost for this token is US7$, plus US1$ postage per piece.

Produced in 2001 by Mauquoy, Grobbendonk, Belgium
Mintage 100
Diameter 25.6mm
Weight 7.0 g

"The World of Bi-Metallics". The WBCC Catalogue that is updated every few months by Martin Peeters, WBCC#1, and sent free to members by email as an attached EXCEL file.

The latest edition is: April 1, 2004. The contents of this edition are:
  • Section 1: WBCC Activities
  • Section 2: 1589 Coins from 114 Countries
  • Section 3: 270 Ecus/Euros from 31 Countries
  • Section 4: 1018 Tokens from 50 Countries
  • And information on varieties, errors and related Numismatic Literature.
Please contact Martin Peeters, WBCC#1 to make arrangements to recieve WBCC Bi-Metallic Catalogue.

"WBCC CD Rom on Bi-Metallics" by Joseph Kocian. Member's cost (covers expenses), by mail: US14$ including shipping.  Picked up at the Chicaco ANA show, US12$. The contents of the CD include:
  • A compilation of the WBCC documentation of bi-metallic coins complete with graphics.
  • The early Introduction and Use of Bi-metallics from Larry Friemel's "All That Is Bi-Metallic" webpage complete with graphics.
  • The complete set of all WBCC Newsmails from beginning to the CD's production date.
  • The latest version of "The World Of Bi-metallics" as of the CD's production date.
  • A super demo software program specifically designed for collectors.
Please contact Martin Peeters, WBCC#1 or Joseph Kocian to make arrangements to recieve WBCC Bi-Metallic CD ROM.

Obverse Reverse The official WBCC Encased Coin Set.  This limited edition set (only 150) commemorates the WBCC's representation at the World Money Fair, in Basel, Switzerland and the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Coin Fair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  The bi-metallic four encased coin set includes:
                                                   Select either image to view a larger version.
  • Australia, 1999 5 Cents
  • Canada, 2000, Cent
  • Netherlands, 2000 25 Cents
  • USA, 2000, Cent

WBCC Token The official WBCC 2000 token.  This limited edition of only 300 bi-metallic coins was produced specifically for the Basel Fair Jan 2000.  Read about it in Newsmail#179.

Produced in 2000 by Mauquoy, Grobbendonk, Belgium
Mintage 300
Diameter 25.6mm
Weight 7.0 g

WBCC's 1st Anniversary Medal

WBCC 1st Anniversary Medal.  Image from Frans Woons
Produced in 1997 by Mauquoy, Grobbendonk, Belgium
Mintage 113. Originally 100 planned but the machine produced 113.
Diameter 25.6mm
Weight 7.0 g

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