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Started as a place where collectors interested in bi-metallic and tri-metallic coins and other items can pool their information and communicate with like-minded collectors, the WBCC continues to grow and amass information.  The club's focal point was Martin Peeters, WBCC#1, in the Netherlands.  Martin kept the membership records, and developed and sent a weekly newsmail to members. 
Martin Peeters passed away on the 29th December 2020

True to the spirit of a "worldwide" club, the following members provide the club operating assistance from all over the globe.

Frans Dubois, WBCC#2 in the Netherlands runs the Documentation Centre and has the information on where most bi-metallic coins were produced and can be purchased.

Rod Sell, WBCC#20 in Australia,now maintains the WBCC site.  Rod also manages the Newmail & New Releases section of the website. If you have an image of any bi-metallic coin that is not shown in any of the WBCC Library pages, please send it to Rod, along with information about the coin (country, date, size, denomination and composition).

Paul Baker, WBCC#85 in the United Kingdom has been assigned to handle the WBCC Research Centre.  Paul will do his best to research bi-metallic coins in general and also assits in the researching varieties. If you have information on either of these categories or would like more information, please contact Paul.  

Max Aiello, WBCC#73 from Italy is our WBCC Public Relations Representative.  Max will promote the WBCC in any way and will inform all WBCC members about new and rare bimetallic coins.

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