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4th July 2022 Pabitra Saha - India
Algeria 200 Dinar 2022 60 years of Independence

14th June 2022 Pabitra Saha - India
Hungary 100 Forint 2022 Museum of Money

6th June 2022 Pabitra Saha - India
India launches new series on 75 years of Independence

5th June 2022 Egon Conti Rossini - Switzerland
EGYPT 1 £ 2021 Conseil d'État

1st June 2022 Jacek Stacel - Poland
Paris 2024 Olymics coin 2 of series.
This is how the second (2/4) commemorative 2 € coins from the Paris 2024 series should look likeThe coin is to be issued on September 6, but ... in a mintage half the last year's, i.e. 260,000, and last year's was issued at 510,000 (minus 10,000 for a PROOF) 

They will probably publish in the same cardboard boxes, but they haven't written anything about it yet.

31st May 2022 Pabitra Saha - India
Finland -5 Euro -2022 - ice Hockey

31st May 2022 Pabitra Saha - India
Poland - 5 Zlotych -2022 - Zamek w Mosznej

 22May 2022 Egon Conti Rossini - Switzerland
Tunisia 5 D. 2021 22nd anniversary of the death of President Habib Bourguiba

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