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14th September 2021 Jackek Stacel - Poland

Isle of Man. The first ever Prince Philip £2 coin issued today 

To mark the life and achievements of the late Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Prince Philip, a brand new British Isles £2 coin has just been released.

This Isle of Man £2 coin has been struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish. It features a new portrait of HRH Prince Philip on the reverse, specially commissioned to mark the life of the well-loved Prince.

Importantly, this coin has been fully approved by Buckingham Palace and is the perfect tribute to Prince Philip, and a fantastic heirloom for you and your family to remember this iconic Royal figure. This is the first time that this well-loved Royal figure has appeared on a £2 coin, making this an important numismatic moment for collectors.


  • Country: Isle of Man
  • Year of Issue: 2021 
  • Denomination: Two Pounds 
  • Metal: Cupro-Nickel 
  • Diameter: 28.4mm 
  • Weight: 12g 
  • Finish: Brilliant Uncirculated 
  • Edition Limit: 25,000

10th September 2021 Jackek Stacel - Poland

2 euro cc coin 2021 Paris 2024 Olympic Games Published September 9, 2021 The grand 2 euro coin that France issued this year, dedicated to the "2024 Paris Olympics", a coin that will be part of a series of, as you might guess, five pieces that will run from 2021 to 2024, creating a collection of 5.

500,000 coins in BU quality will be presented on five different coin cards as seen in the pictures and 10,000 coins in Proof quality


7th September 2021 Jackek Stacel - Poland
Algeria 100 Dinars 2021 - Ali La Pointe


External ring: stainless steel
Center disc: copper-nickel
Diameter: 29.50 mm
Weight: 11.00 g
Thickness: 2.30 mm

1st September 2021 Bimetallics of the Philippines.  Pabitra Saha - India

10 Piso was first coinised in 1988. As a circulating commemorative coin, it was a nickel coin with 36 mm diameter and weighed 22 grams. The coin commemorated People's Revolution, which took place on February 22nd to 25th, 1986.

Later, after the mint acquired the technology to mint bimetallic coins, a circulation bimetallic coin of 10 Piso was issued. It had Aluminium Bronze core with Copper Nickel ring. First issued in 2000, it was 26.5 mm diameter with 8.7 grams weight. The obverse had effigies of Andres Bonifacio and Apolinario Mabini.

Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro ( 30 November 1863- 10 May 1897) was a revolutionary leader, often called "The Father of the Philippine Revolution", and considered one of the national heroes of the Philippines.

Apolinario Mabini y Maranan ( 23 July 1864 - 13 May 1903 ) was a revolutionary leader, educator, lawyer, and statesman who served first as a legal and constitutional adviser to the Revolutionary Government, and then as the first Prime Minister of the Philippines upon the establishment of the First Philippine Republic.

Issue of this coin continued till 2017.

The first commemorative 10 Piso was issued in 2013 on 150th Anniversary of birth of Andres Bonifacio.

Another commemorative 10 Piso came out in 2014, on 150th birth Anniversary of Apolinario Mabini.

In 2015, 150th birth Annivarsary of Miguel Malvar saw issued of another commemorative bimetallic 10 Piso.

Miguel Malvar y Carpio ( 27 September 1865 - 13 October 1911 ) was a general who served during the Philippine Revolution and, subsequently, during the Philippine–American War. He assumed command of the Philippine revolutionary forces during the latter in 1901.

2016 was occasion to issue a commemorative bimetallic 10 Piso on 150th birth of Anotonio Luna. Antonio Narciso Luna de San Pedro y Novicio Ancheta ( 29 October 1866 - 5 June 1899 ) was an army general who fought in the Spanish–American War, Philippine Revolution, and Philippine– American War before his assassination in 1899.

In 2017, Philippines decided to redesign its circulation coinage. The 10 Piso bimetallic coin was dropped in favour of Nickel plated steel coin of 8 grams and 27 mm weight. The coin shows the effigy of Apolinario Mabini.

The capacity to make bimetallic coins was thereafter used by introducing 20 Piso circulation coin in 2019. The weight is 11.5 grams and diameter 30 mm. The effigy of Manuel Quezon appears on the obverse. Quezon was the first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.

Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina ( 19 August 1878 - 1 August 1944 ) was a statesman, soldier and politician who served as the first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944.

29th August 2021. Manual Diez Gonzalez - Spain
Fiji 2021 $1 Romantic Roses

If anyone has more information on the bimetallic.  Please email me the details.

29th August 2021. Jacek Stacel - Poland
BIOT The Unicorn of Scotland $2 2021
The Unicorn of Scotland’s relation to the Queen come from James I, the first Stuart king of England who ruled a unified
England and Scotland in the 17th century. The unicorn is one of the Queen’s Beasts but it is also the national animal of Scotland.
Mintage 2,750

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