Posted May to June, 2003

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GB 1999 2 pound error.  Images from Max Aiello

 El Salvador 1997 5 colones. Image from Martin Peeters

All Ebay Medals. Image from Martin Peeters

Switzerland. 10 Swiss Franc, 100 Batzen, Commemorate Framerswar 1653
struck at Faude & Huguenin Zwitserland
. Image from Martin Peeters

Ebay Belgium Medal. Image from Martin Peeters

Chile 2003 100 Pesos. Image from Jack Hepler

WBCC Euro Stamps. Image from Martin Peeters

USA, Elonged Mexico 1 Peso piece with Mickey Mouse. Image from Martin Peeters

Thailand 2003 80th Birthday of Princess Galiyanee. Image from Rod Sell.

Thailand 2003 Centenary of Army Inspector General's Dept.. Image from Rod Sell.

Cyber Island entertainment token. Image from Paul Baker

Chile pattern 100 peso 2003. Image from Francisco Jovel

Canadian 2003W  2 dollar with new image of the Queen. Image from Kyle Mutcher

GB Spitalfields Market 1 Shilling token from D & A.C. Edwards.  Image from  Rod Sell

GB Model pennies with noses pointing to T and R. Images from Rod Sell
The die cracks visible on the reverse rings above indicate these coins were struck close to each other. The fact that the obverse centres have different dies with noses pointing to T & R suggest that the production method is very similar to that we are using to produce the WBCC encased coins.  The centre is minted first and then encased.  The pressure required on the ring to produce the lettering, expands the metal to form a tight fit on the coin in the centre.

Singapore 2003 $5 with 2003/MAS hologram.  Image from  Rod Sell

Australia 2003 $5 Rugby World Cup gold plated on silver. 
Image from Royal Australian Mint

Gibraltar 2003 1 Crown  "Golden Jubilee Coronation". Silver black / Ag*Au / Ag. 
Images from Manuel Gonzalez

Finland 2003 Ice Hockey Championship proposed 5 Euro design not used. 
Images from Max Aiello

 Tri-metallic medallion issued by the Roman Emperor Commodo, struck in 187 AD. 
Images from Fabio Maggiore

Israel 10 Shekel 2002.  Images from Otto Kormonik.

Slovakia 1988 Mint Medal.  Images from Otto Kormonik.

GB Farthing of Cromwell period 1649-1660, lot 134 Gendining Oct 1977 sale.
Images from Rod Sell.

6 US Mtts.  Images from Cliff Anderson

Ebay Netherlands bi-metallic with and without year.  Image from Martin Peeters.

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Charles II tin farthing forgery on left.
  Images from Rod Sell
The forgery is a bit thinner and weighs 5.98 gms instead of 5.48 gms.

London Mint uniface test tokens.  Image from James Hughes

San Marino.  Images from Jack Hepler

Plastic Easy Learning Centre play money.  Images from Paul Baker

Green Lantern Car Wash Token.  Image from Martin Peeters

Italy 2002 set.  Image from  Max Aiello

Dutch Electric Energy Company ENECO token.  Image from Eelco Soeteman

Italian casino token.  Image from Eelco Soeteman

Russian inlay medal "200 years of writer A.S. Pushkin birthday".
  Image from Alexei Malykh

Gaming Token
. Image from Paul Baker

German Oberammergau Passion Play encased 1930 1 pfennig
. Image from  Rene Muller

    German Medal issued to celebrate the monetary union in europe.
It´s 30mm in diameter and seems to be a coppernickel ring and and alu-bronze center.

Image from  Rene Muller

    A normal swedish 1 öre, km750, 189?. In the coin is a white metal clover inlay with green color (i can´t rember the right name in english but in danish it´s "emaljering").
Image from  Rene Muller

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