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Posted October to December 2004

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GB Model Coins

Aurora Il. 2004 token.  Image from Cliff Anderson

Elongated bimetallic.  Image from Peter Morelewicz

Fake World Euro.  Image from Martin Peeters

GB  2 Pound ELC play money.  Image from Paul Baker

Ukraine 5 Hryven 2004.  Image from Michael Kaplan.

Libya 2004 half dinar.  Image from Martin Peeters

San Marino 2004 2 Euros.  Image from Jack Hepler

Italy 2004 2 Euros.  Image from Stanislay Bulawski.

German amusement tokens.  Image from Wolfgang Schuster

Dominican Republic bi-metallics.  Images from Martin Peeters.

Mexico 100 Peso Michoacan de Ocampo.  Image from Jack Hepler

Essai DE PESSAC.  Image from Michael Ayrapetov

USA Kirkland parking token.  Image from Michael Ayrapetov

Mexico, Michoacan de Ocampo, gold 100 peso .  Image from Cristhian Lopez.

Don Quixote medal.  Image from Jose Ramirez.

Italy error.  Image from Max Aeillo.

Turkey error Fantasy Euro.  Image from Jose Ramirez.

Andorra 1993 Gold Silver 50 diners.  Image from Jose Ramirez.

GB encased 1924 farthing FRED KITCHEN.  Image from Paul Baker.

Thailand 2004 World Conservation Meeting 10 baht.  Image from Antonio Mateo.

Cuba 5 peso.  Image from Ben Muniz

Halifax Drinking Tokens.  Image from Otto Kormanik

Canada Red Deer Drinking Tokens.  Image from Otto Kormanik

USA Scholfield MTT.  Image from Otto Kormanik

Iran 2004 500 rials.  Images from Tolga Taner

Luxembourg 2005 2 Euro.  Image from Martin Peeters.

Latvia 2004 1 lats.  Image from Max Aiello

Italy Bimetallic set of 1982.  Image from Max Aiello

Canada 1998 $2  of centre.  Image from Frans Woons

KY-510BR, Louisville, Royal Blue Yellow Cab, Four Can Ride the Price of One, Two Miles For 25c, City 1600; 1920s, bronze center in aluminum.  Images from Cliff Anderson

MI-525A-B, Jackson, Jackson Street Ry., Jackson, Mich., Good For One Fare (with and without period after Fare); copper “J” in aluminum; issued in 1891.  Images from Cliff Anderson

MI-845A, Saginaw, Union Street Ry. Co., Saginaw, Mich., all issued in 1889 and are obsolete
            Good For One Fare; copper “S” in aluminum
.  Images from Cliff Anderson

Sierra Leone 2004 500 Leones.  Images from Central Bank of Sierra Leone via Antonio da Silva

Japan 2004 Medal in mint set.  Images from Liu Jian

China 2004 Medal Deng Xiao Ping's Birthday Centenary.  Images from Liu Jian

Vatican medal of Innocense XI. Image from Tom Passon

Isle of Man 2P Peel Castle and 1/2 crown paladium. Image from Manuel Gonzalez

Falkland 2004 2 Pounds. Image from Francisco Pascual.

 Russia 2004 gold and silver 3 roubles.  Image from Alexei Malykh

 Gibraltar 2004 2 pound.  Image from Manuel Gonzalez

Mexico 100 Peso Nuevo Leon .  Image from Jack Hepler

East German inlay 60mm medal, gold plated and enamelled.  Image from Wladek Gebczyk

Turkey 2005 1YTL. Image from Francisco Pascual.

THAILAND 10 bath 2004 200th birthday of Rama 4 (bald king on the right)
THAILAND 10 baht 2003 Rama 9 coin for the fight to be free of Drugs (king on the left)

 Image from Ben Muniz.

Turkey 2005 50 Kurus. Image from Tolga Taner

GB 2005 2Pounds. Image from newspaper advertisement via Keith Beaumont

Vatican 2004 2Euro. Image from Brochure via Michael Doran.

China 2004 10 yuan. 1oz silver with gold plate.  Image from Lui Jian.

Bi-metallic Dutch Bread tokens.  Images from Frans Dubois

USA, Penny Press Mint Medal.  Image from Kelly Finnegan

Russia,  St. Peterburg Mint 275th Anniversary Medal.  Image from Cliff Anderson

Korea Democratic Republic, 10 Won 2002, Silver ring and jewel centre
Image from Wolfgang Schuster

Micronesia  2004 $1.  Image from Lui Jian

Syria, 25 pounds 2003 with hologram cbs (central bank of syria).  Image from Wolfgang Schuster

Alexei Malykh and Martin Peeters.  Image from Martin Peeters

Saint Petersburg Mint.  Image from Martin Peeters  

Moscow Mint.  Image from Martin Peeters

Mozambique 10000 meticais 2003.  Image from Wolfgang Schuster

Russian 10 roubles for Dmitrov, Kemy and Riyaxhsk.  Image from Michael Ayrapetov

Martin Peeters Certificate from the RACC.  Image from Martin Peeters

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