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Posted July to December 2003

  Chile 500 Peso error.  Images from Max Aiello.

  Hungary Soccer Medal.  Images from Cliff Anderson

1883 Medal. The 400th Birthday of Martin Luther.  Images from Martin Blau

1882 Medal. The 250th Anniversary of death of Gustav Adolf King of Sweden. 
Images from Martin Blau

Poland XII Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity..  Images from Stanislaw Bulawski

Chile Numismatic Society 2003 medal.  Images from Francisco Jovel.

Mexico 100 Pesos of Vera Cruz and Yucatan.  Images from Cristhian Lopez.

GB 2 Pounds of 2004 for the 200th Anniversary of Locomotion.  Image from Keith Beaumont

Slovakia 2003 sets with bi-metallic medal.  Images from Denis Buric

Benin, Cameroun, Ivory Coast and Niger  60.000 CFA 2003.  Images from Jose Ramirez

Canada error 2 dollar.  Image from Frans Woons

Brazil  R1.00 has a letter P near the date 1998 (right) on the reverse.  Image from Max Aiello

Thailand 2003 APEC. Image from Otto Komornik

The first Mexican 100 Peso, representing Zacatecas State, with gold and silver centred coins.  
Images from Cristhian Lopez

Kazakstan 4 100-tenge bi-metals for the 10th Anniversary of National Currency.  
Images from Michael Kaplan

Finland Jazz Festival medal.  Image from Kari Hurstkainen

Thailand 90th Anniversary of Government Bank .  Image from Rod Sell.

Argentina 1995 error 1 peso.  Image from David Lanzas

International Numismatic Society encased French 20 franc gold coin .  Image from Cliff Anderson

Louis Schuler bi-metallic medal.  Image from Cliff Anderson

Encased Netherlands 10 Gulden.  Image from Martin Peeters

Ukraine 5 Hryvnia 2003 "150th of the Central State Historical Archives".  Image from Max Aiello

Thailand 150th Birth Anniversary of King Rama V.  Image from Barent Springsted

Brazil, Ribeiro Sugar Plantation 500 reis token with cross shape copper centre.  

Brazil, 500 Reis Tokens from Tiuma and Ribeiro Sugar Plantations.
The values were shown as No. 500 so as not to break the law. These tokens were used from 1890 and were probably made in Great Britain.  Most of the plantations were British owned.
Images from Rod Sell.

Qatar 1 Riyal Pattern.  Image from Baldwin Auctions via Wolfgang Schuster.

Unidentified Token.  Image from Cliff Anderson.

Reardan WA;  Mackinaw  IL;  Nyssa OR

LaSalle  IL; Fordland MO; Lakeville IN; Demarest NJ
US MTTs.  Images from Cliff Anderson

Birmingham Mint 34mm and 30mm Medals, reverse the same.  Image from Rod Sell

Brasil 1 Real 2002 with the Horizontal Obverse.  Images from Max Aiello.

Brasil 1 Real 2002 Jucelino Kubitschek with the Inverted Obverse.  Images from Max Aiello.

Gibraltar 2 crown varieties.  Images from Frans Woons

Gibraltar Tri-metallic to commemorate the Centenary of Flight.  Images from Frans Woons

Russia 1991 Goat 5 Rouble error.  Image from Max Aiello

Isle of Man 4kg silver 130 crowns with inlay.  Images from Frans Woons

Canada 2002 error $2.  Images from Frans Woons

Canada 2003 $2.  Images from Frans Woons

GB Golden Jubilee Medal.  Images from Otto Komornik.

USA Silver Center Cents.  Images from Cliff Anderson

Charlotte Tokens 1999 to 2003.  Image from Jack Hepler

Finland 2003 5 Euros.   Image from Jack Hepler.

Russia 2003 10 roubles Pskov.   Image from Jack Hepler.

Georg Fischer Company 200th Anniversary Employees medal.
Mintage 15,000  31g silver 5g gold.
Image from Rod Sell

USA Lousiana Purchase Medal.  Image from Cliff Anderson.

Fake Israeli 10 Shekel. Fake coin is on the left.  Image from Meir Sapir  

Vatican 2003 mint and proof sets .  Image from Martin Peeters

Morocco  5 Dirham 1987 error .  Image from Max Aiello

Chile  2003 10 Pesos .  Image from Max Aiello  

Swiss 2003 Gilles/Vaud medal .  Image from  Cliff Anderson

Gallery Mint, Liberty Cap inlay.  Image from Larry Friemel.

Netherlands token of 1,75 euro named "Profijtwinner".  Images from Martin Peeters

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