Posted July to September 2002

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Ralph Hall encased coins. Images from Jack Hepler.

San Diego bimetal token. Images from Cliff Anderson

2000 Eminescu Medal. Images from Wolfgang Schuster.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Tokens. Images from Cliff Anderson


A rare Polish bimetallic pattern minted in 1994 by Mennica Panstwowa S.A.
Warszawa, named "PROBA TLOCZENIA". Image from Max Aiello

Locarno Dance Hall Glasgow encased 1937 farthing. Image from Rod Sell

Heiwa amusement token.The letter E altered on the reverse. Images from Jack Hepler

Roger Williams Mint advertising token. Images from Jack Hepler

Isle of Man 60p currency converter. Images from Rod Sell
Not a true ringed bi-metallic.

Dutch Mint Building medals. Images from Cliff Anderson

Jersey 1997 5 Pound with inlay Coat of Arms. Image from Harold Fears

IX all-Russia Numismatic Congress, Novgorod 16-21April 2001 Medal.
Image from Wadim Nensberg

Amusement Token from Israel. Image from Stanislav Souslov

III Forks Texas Bimetal Token. Images from Larry Friemel

Bimetallic token commemorating 100 years Walt Disney in TV Toys.
Images from Frans Dubois

First trimetallic Euro Token from Italy. I know that it was issued by International Mint.
1 Euro  " Equivalent between Euro and other coins from non EU countries"
 Images from Manuel Gonzalez

GB Encased 1953 farthing from Speedwell Gear Case Co.  Image from Rod Sell

Romania 100 Lei soccer.  Image from Wolfgang Schuster.

Visitors to the Turkish Mint can mint their own Bi-metallic coins
which will bear the minting date.  Images from Martin Peeters

" THE 90 YEARS OF THE ESCUDO (1911-2001)
This commemorative medal in sterling silver of 925‰ with selective gold plate of 24 carats
is a limited emission accomplished exclusivly for Art Gallery and with the official mark
of the Portuguese Mint House.   Image from Rui Marques

Gibraltar 2 Pound 2001.  Image from Jack Hepler

The following are suggested images of Euros from Beirnaert Rudy,
for full information view

Denmark 1 Euro & 2 Euro.  Image from Beirnaert Rudy

GB 1 Euro & 2 Euro.  Image from Beirnaert Rudy

San Marino 2002 set of 4 coins.  Image from Wouter Beerekamp

Romania 2000 Lei 2002 pattern.  Image from Wolfgang Schuster

Prado Carenage Tunnel, 1 passage, 1996.  Image from Cliff Anderson

Russia 2002 10 Rouble Town of  Derbent.  Image from Wadim Nensberg

Russia 2002 10 Rouble Town of  Kostroma.  Image from Wadim Nensberg

Russia 2002 10 Rouble Town of  Staraya Russa.  Image from Wadim Nensberg

Thailand 2002 10 Baht..  Image from Martin Peeters.

25 mm blank.  Image from Martin Peeters.

Netherland mini euro set, half size.  Image from Martin Peeters.

Finland Paavo Nurmi bi-metallic.  Image from Kari Hurskainen

Kazakhstan 100 tenge. Image from The National Bank of Kazakhstan via Stanislav Foumart


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