- Jan 2003 to April 2003 -

  Aust. Numismatic Society encased 1938 halfpenny. Image from Rod Sell

  Aust. Numismatic Society 2004 (Sample) Conference Medal. Image from Rod Sell

 Australia early 20th Century, White Australia Medal . Image from Rod Sell

 Jersey encased 1954 farthing Chelsea Hotel. Image from Rod Sell

 GB encased 1928 farthing New Olympia. Image from Rod Sell

 USA, Charlotte 2003, Parking token. Image from Martin Peeters

 USA, City Of Kirkland, Parking token. Image from Martin Peeters

 Canadian 50 cents.  Silver with gold plating
Images from Dave Roe.

 Switzerland    5 Frank Essai    (Only 700 pieces issued).
You can see that different is word E3 in reverse plus different design flowers in obverse.

Images from Manuel Gonzalez

 TOGO    150000 FRANCS    2003    36th Anniversary President   in Ag*Au / Ag.  
Image from Manuel Gonzalez

 TOGO    6000 FRANCS    2003    36th Anniversary President.  
Image from Manuel Gonzalez

 TOGO    6000 FRANCS    2003 .  Image from Manuel Gonzalez

Armenia 2003 500 dram.  Image from Fabio Guerrieri

Finland 2003 International Hockey Federation Medal.  Image from Kari Hurskainen

Finland 2003 Paavo Nurmi Medal, new reverse.  Image from Kari Hurskainen

 Swiss Vaud 2003 Medal.  Image from Edouard Getaz

 Gibraltar 2 Pound 2002 "Cannon".  Image from Manuel Gonzalez

Slovakia, 2003, 10,000 Korun, ring Au*Ag, centre Pd.
Commemorate 10 years republic, 10.000 issued
.  Image from Martin Peeters.

Australian encased 1966 1 cent.  Image from Rod Sell.

5 Euro fantasy coin.  Image from Jose Ramirez

Estland  Fantasy Euro.  Image from Frans Dubois

Gold and Silver Centenary Medal for the Turkish Besiktas Sporting Club.  
Image from Mehmet Tolga Taner

Thailand 2003 Scouts.  Image from Manuel Gonzalez

Thailand 2002 King's 75th Birthday.  Image from Manuel Gonzalez

Vatican 1993 mistrike.  Image from Peter Jencius. 

Vatican 2003.  Image from Martin Peeters.

2002 $10 silver proof "First Issue of the Euro" commemorative from the Bank of Nauru.
 Image from Cliff Anderson

This large 42mm bimetallic piece is a 1991 Mexican medal marked "Palacio de Mineria.
 Image from Cliff Anderson

Amusement token from the "Compulsory Skill Play Co." .  Image from Cliff Anderson

Algeria 100 Dinar 2002,  40th anniversary of Independence.  Image from Martin Peeters.

Netherlands 2003 set with Mint Medal.  Image from Martin Peeters.

Netherland Goldrush token, same both sides.  Image from Martin Peeters

Swiss 1895 Military Medal.  Image from Cliff Anderson

 The WBCC 2003 Basel Phonecard. Image from Martin Peeters

 WMF 2003 Euro set. Image from Martin Peeters

 Benelux 2003 Basel Euro Set.  Image from Martin Peeters


 GB DNA 2 pound. Image from Martin Peeters.

 Turkey, daily bi-metallics for the 3 days of the Fair. Image from Martin Peeters.

Kingdom of Bahrain 2002 100 fils.  Image from Martin Peeters

Kingdom of Bahrain 2002 500 fils.  Image from Martin Peeters

 Turkey Daily set with new metal combinaton and new reverse.  Image from Manuel Gonzalez.

   Plastic Euro Play Money .  Image from Stanislav Souslov.

  Folder issued by Saint Petersburg Mint .  Image from Max Aiello

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