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German Bi-Metallic Tokens and Medallions

The German 1 and 2 Euro of 2002. Image from Martin Peeters.

1730 Cologne bimetallic token. Image from Cliff Anderson

Germany  1886  Wilhelm I  Silver Jubilee Bi-metallic.  Image from Cliff Anderson 

Germany Medals from 1880s.  Images from Cliff Anderson

Germany.  Albert King of Sachsen 1889 encased medal.  Image from Larry Friemel.

50th Anniversary of Constitution. Silver with Gold Inlay. Image from Martin Peeters

1998 Inlay commemorating 50 years of the German Mark. Image from Martin Peeters.

MPM 1 Mark.

1998 Inlay commemorating the 50 years of the German Mark. Image from Martin Peters.

1990 encased 1 Mark. image from Cliff Anderson.

German ECUs of 1993, 1994 and 1995. Image from Martin Peeters. 

Ecus from Germany. Ag with Au inlay. Images from Manuel Gonzalez

1996 ECU Goethe-Schille. Image from Martin Peeters

1992 ECU for 150 Years of Walhalla. Image from Martin Peeters.

1990 ECU with Penny Black Inlay. Image from Martin Peeters.

1993 for the 100th Year of Potsdam. Image from Martin Peeters.

1990 for the 500th Year of German Post. Image from Martin Peeters.

Medal for the 10th Anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall.
Image from Martin Peeters.

Munich Gaming Token. Image from Martin Peeters.

Munsterland Amusement Park Token.  Image from Martin Peeters.

125th Anniversary of Fire Brigade at Esslinger/Zell. Image from Martin Peeters.

Frieburg 1997 3 euro MTT. Image from Jens Scheithauer.

Gadebusch 1 Euro 1997 MTTs above and below. Images from Martin Peeters.

1997 5 Euro City of Gochsheim. Image from Martin Peeters

1998 5 Euro MTT from Osnabruck. Image from Martin Peeters.

1997 5 Euro MTT from Pirmasens. Image from Martin Peeters

1996 3 Euro MTT from Waldkirch. Image from Jens Scheithauer.

Some Inlays manufactered in Germany.

1997 Ecu Adenauer and De Gaulle. Image from Martin Peters

Pope John Paul II. Image from Martin Peeters.

Former Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. Image from Martin Peeters

The Comet Hale-Bopp. Image from Martin Peeters

The Mars Pathfinder. Image from Martin Peeters.

German Token. Image supplied by member Frans Woons

Year 2000 ECU. Image from Martin Peeters.

The following 12 Medallions are produced by the German firm MDM. They all have a common reverse are 34mm and were produced in 1995.

These Images were supplied by our Focal Point - Martin Peeters.

The Common Reverse.

1. Adenauer & De Gaulle 2. Robert Schuman

3. Ludwig Von Beethoven 4. Austin Chamberlain

5. EU Admission of Austria 6. EU Admission of Finland

7. EU Admission of Italy 8. EU Admission of Sweden

9. EU Payment Union 1950 10. Election of EU Parliament 1979

11. Maastricht Treaty 1993 12. Gustav Stresemann

Schuler Tokens  Newsletter 183/3
Our Thanks go to Andreas Kress and Iris Blickle of Schuler Presses for sending and allowing us to show all the bi-metallics they have produced.
The Schuler website can be seen at  http://www.schulergroup.com

Germany  EMO 93 Hanover 

 Schuler Bi-metallic to commemorate Europamusicale, Munich 1993.
 Image from Martin Peeters.

1995 Technical University

1996 Mercedes Benz

1996 Mercedes Benz

27-29 June 1998

1996 Otto Kienzle

No Date. First Choice in Coining

No Date. R&D Project / Experimental Model

No Date.  KFZ- Waschanlagen

No Date. The Schuler Group

No Date. Serving The World.
Images from Andreas Kress and Iris Blickle of Schuler Presses.

Schuler Pressess 1st A.G.M. Bi-metallic.  Image from Iris Blickle

Germany  2000 Schuler Ford 75th Anniversary Medal.  Image from Martin Peeters.

China test piece (dated 1993) by Schuler Presses in Germany, both sides are the same BUT coin allignment.
Image from Martin Peeters.

Germany Schuller Pressen Blanks.  Image from Martin Peeters.

Copyright Schuler Press Group.  Image used with permission.
Image from Sean Moffatt.

A Schuler coin minting machine. Image from Martin Peeters.


Peter Paul Rubens Medal.  Image from Cliff Anderson

1997 Deutsche Nickel Ag. 90th Anniversary Medal. Image from Martin Peeters.

 bi-metal sample coins from Krupp VDM. Image from Sean Moffatt

Deutsche Nickel Sample 1.  Image from Sean Moffatt

Deutsche Nickel Sample 2.  Image from Sean Moffatt

Deutsche Nickel Sample 3.  Image from Sean Moffatt

Deutsche Nickel Sample 4.  Image from Sean Moffatt.

1999 Inlays by Munz-Pragstatt Munchen. Image from Martin Peeters

2000 Munz-Pragstaat Munchen inlay tokens. Image from Martin Peeters.

Germany  2  1 pfennig inlays with cross colours.  Images from Martin Peeters

Germany  Zodiac Bi-metallics.  Images from Fabio Guerrieri


Germany Zodiac Good Luck Token.  Image from Jose Ramirez

Germany Millennium Inlays with common reverse at right.  Image from Frans Dubois & Martin Peeters.

EURO: Tri-Metal Uniface Trial Germany Ecu. Only 10 pieces struck.
Image and information from Paul Davis of Arctic Coins.

Germany     3 Euro  from  Neusäss.  Image from Manuel Gonzalez

GERMANY  25 Euro  Bad Frankenhausen   1998.  Image from Manuel Gonzalez

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