Project Coordinator, Jack Hepler, WBCC Developement Center

The WBCC has developed encased coins commemorating official WBCC representation at the World Money Fair, in Basel, Switzerland, and the American Numismatic Association, Coin Fair in Atlanta Georgia, USA.
The four coins selected for this project are,
left to right,top to bottom:
  • New Zealand, 2000, 5 Cents
  • USA, 2001, Cent
  • Mexico, 2000, 20 Centavos
  • Poland, 2000, 5 Groszy

The production run includes approximately 100 specimens of each coin. Orders for individual coin encasements or sets are now being accepted at the WBCC Development Center, Jack Hepler. The four-coin set costs $10 US, which includes postage for US orders. Insurance, and postage outside the US is extra. A single specimen may be ordered for $3 US.

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