Bi-Metallic Images
- Trinidad, Turkey, Turkmenostan, Ukraine,
UNESCO and United States -

Trinidad & Tobago | Turkey | Ukraine | UNESCO | United States

-Trinidad & Tobago -

Trinidad & Tobago 1999 $10
Image from the Trinidad Tobago Central Bank via Antonio da Silva


-Turkey -

Turkey year 2000 150 Million Lira
Image from Joel Anderson


Turkey, medal given to WMF visitors.  Image from Martin Peeters.

 Turkey Mint coin with day of minting.  Image from Turkish Mint via Mehmet Tolga Taner

 Turkey,  Sultan Fatih Medal.  Image from Tugrul B.Unal


German produced silver medal encasing Turkmenian coin .  Image from Stanislav Foumart

-Ukraine -

Ukraine Dnipro Power Station. Image from Ukraine National Bank via Martin Peeters

Ukraine 20 Hryvnias 2001
Images from Wladek Gebczyk

Ukraine 5 Hryvnias 2001
Images from Wladek Gebczyk

Ukraine year 2000, 5 Hryven New Millenium
Image from Bronius Juozaitis

Ukraine year 2000 20 Hryvnias Commemoratives
three obverse and the common reverse (lower right)
Images from Martin Peeters

Ukraine 2001, 5 Hryven
Image from Bronius Juozaitis

Ukraine 25 & 50 Kopek test tokens
Images from Frans Dubois

20 Hryvnias dated 2000 Gold/Silver of the Ukraine 3000 mintage  Image from Martin Peeters.


Unesco, 1991, Chernobyl
Image from Lucy Clarkson of Coincraft London

-United States -

USA 1792 Silver Centre Cent
Image from Martin Peeters

USA submitted 2 Dollar designs
Designs and images from Dan Carr
scroll to the bottom of the website page for information

USA 2000 $10, Library of Congress
Platinum center, Gold ring


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