Bi-Metallic Images
- Belgium and Belize -

Belgium Medal | Belgium Tokens | Belize Coins

Belgium 2002, 1 & 2 Euro, King Albert 2nd
Images courtesy of the European Commission

Belgian 2 Euro error strike.  Image from  Max Aiello

Belgium 1990, 20 Ecu, 60th birthday of King Baudouin
.900 Gold center, .833 Silver ring, Dia. = 30mm
Images from Manuel Gonzalez

Belgium 1990, 10 Ecu,60th birthday of King Baudouin
Images from Manuel Gonzalez

- Begium Medal -

Belgium Medal, Dia.=73mm
Images from Manuel Gonzalez

 Belgium 26th Gymnastics Championship Souvenir medal.  Image from Martin Peeters.

- Begium Tokens -

Belgium, Four Gaming Tokens
Common Obverse on the bottom right
Image2 from Martin Peeters

Belgium Play Token
Image from Paul Baker

- Belize Coins -

Belize, 1997 5$
Royal Golden Wedding Inlay
Images from Jose Ramirez



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