Bi-Metallic Images
- Australia -
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Australia 2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee, 2003 50th Anniversary of Coronation.  
Coins are from the Perth Mint in gold and silver. Images from
Rod Sell.

Australia $10 150th Anniversary of the Adelaide Pound.  Images from Royal Australian Mint
Http:/   for full details and purchases.

Australia 2002, $50 Tri-metallic
Copper, Silver and Gold) for Commonwealth Games
Mintage 5,000  Image from Royal Australian Mint

 Australia Manchester Games Lapel Badge.  Image from Max Aiello

Australia 2002, $1 Melbourne Mint 150th Anniversary
Silver with Gold inlays depict the Sovereign reverses
Image from M. R. Roberts


1994 $5  Mary Lee - Centenary of Women's Vote in South Australia
Images from Rod Sell


1996 $5  Sir Donald Bradman  In normal pack
Images from Rod sell


1996 $5 Sir Donald Bradman in Westpac Bank slip case
Images from Rod Sell


Australia 1996 $5 Sir Donald Bradmam Commemorative
Images from Rod Sell


Australian 1997 Cover with Don Bradman A$5 Bi-Metal

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